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Monday, March 13, 2006

Bosses Not Buying The Need For Mentoring

An article I found from reading the Employment Digest Blog caught my attention today, because it essentially turned one of my strongest maxims for a young business professional, finding a mentor, and turned it on its head. It also confirms one of my fears in the process of finding that old salty dog that's been to hell in back in their career and has the knowledge you need to get ahead.

They don't want to be bothered with you. You're too much trouble.

Bosses are finding that they're too busy doing their multi-tasking jobs to stop and scrutinize every thing subordinates are doing, even if it is the what helped to mold them on their way up the corporate ladder.

On the flip side, the mechanism for stepping to give quick motivation or assistance to the junior executive who underperforming but has potential. Or to quickly weed out those who just don't have what it takes.

- Bosses Find Mentoring Isn't Worth The Time, Risks (AZ Central.com)

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