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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cool Corporate News Clippings - 11/30/05

- Research In Motion Judge Rules Against Settlement (Bloomberg)

- Julia Roberts Tops List Of High-Paid Actresses (Reuters)

- Lieberman Aays U.S. And China Must Cooperate On Energy (Newsday)

- Lloyd's Set To Go Into The Red As Hurricane Costs Rise (Times Of London Online)

- Fed Beige Book: Economic Activity Up (Yahoo! News)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cool Corporate News Clippings - 11/29/05

- Business Trips Will Get More Pricey In 2006 (USA Today)

- Music Players And Game Consoles Are Topping Lists (New York Times)

- Merck Culls 7,000 Jobs In Bid To Save $4 Billion (MSN Money)

- Cyber Monday, Marketing Myth (Business Week)

- 'A La Carte' Pricing For Cable? (CBS News)


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cool Corporate News Clippings - 11/27/05

- Taser gets delisting notice (Reuters)

- Online retailers await 'Cyber Monday' (Yahoo! News)

- Bose Tries to Shake Up Auto Industry (San Jose Mercury News)

- Restaurant Owners to Sell to Trump (ABC News)

- Tree Farm Survives Katrina, Opens Season With Record Sales (WLBT-TV, MS)

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cool Corporate News Clippings - 11/24/05

- Stores Gear Up For Black Friday (Central Utah's Daily Herald)

- Terrell Owens Suspension Upheld (CBS News)

- RIM Lowers Projections (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

- Profit Climbs 17% At Hormel Foods On Turkey Meat Sales (San Diego Union Tribune)

- Gamers Seeing Glitches in New Xbox (Washington Post)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cool Corporate News Clippings - 11/22/05

- Heinz Plans Push To Spur Ketchup Sales (Washington Post)

- AOL Launches New AOL Triton Instant Messaging Service (Geek Zone)

- Jobs' ITunes Joins Top Ten Song Sellers (Forbes)

- Cingular Will Be Sold Under Name Of AT&T (USA Today)

- NBC Universal Demotes Trio Channel To Web (MSNBC)

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Cool Corporate News Clippings - 11/21/05

- Oprah, Dave: Together Again (E! Online)

- Gates: Xbox 360 key to Microsoft strategy (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

- GM to ax 30,000 jobs, close 12 facilities (Business Week)

- Boeing Grabs $14.3B in Orders at Dubai Air Show (Fox News)

- Glaxo Shares May Fall After FDA Proposes Restricted Advair Use (Bloomberg)

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Internet Activity Runner Up: Web Searches

While not being able to knock of the beauty queen of internet activity popularity, 'email', the Pew Internet & American Life Project has dubbed 'using a search engine' as the new runner up, dropping 'reading the news' to the third place position, aka second runner up.

That means a lot of searches for the estimated 59 million Americans who access the internet regularly, and that is good news for companies like Yahoo! (YHOO) and Microsoft (MSFT), via MSN. And that is very good news to Google (GOOG), which currently has about 46 percent of the market share in search, as it looks for ways to bring more customers to the other businesses it has inspired or acquired (an example being Blogger, which powers this site).

The ability to search the internet for just about anything and have so many options to choose from appear instantly on you computer monitor has changed the way we live, work, study, and play. With the constantly increasing number of businesses on the web, the ability to find the one you want becomes a task of Herculean proportions, unless you know the right search techniques, and in turn, the business know how to play the algorithm game well enough to insure they reach the top of most searches.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Cool Corporate News Clippings - 11/18/05

Alltel Agrees to Buy Midwest Wireless for $1.08 Billion (Bloomberg)

Chrysler Ups The Iincentives With Free Gas And Maintenance (MSNBC)

Bad Day For Media Baron Conrad Black (Bloomberg)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gates Address The Challenge After Underling Makes It Relevant

Bill Gates sent out a memo last month to Microsoft Corp senior executives stating how the company must change its ways and find a way to offer a greater level of customer service and beef up the technology and services offered for online consumers. But the driving force behind Gates preparing the troops for "The next sea change" isn't so much the next sea of change. It's actually Microsoft's chief technology officer, Ray Ozzie, who was integrated as part of the company with the purchase of "Groove Networks," his Massachusetts-based former company.

Ozzie actually embraces innovation. He is the driving force behind "Lotus Notes" in 1989 and sees exactly what Google, Yahoo, and similar companies have going for them that Microsoft is lacking, and why they should be concerned. His memo last month to Microsoft Corp senior executives stating how the company must change its ways and find a way to offer a greater level of customer service and beef up the technology and services offered for online consumers was seven pages. Gates' compared it to 'The Internet Tidal Wave memo' he wrote 10 years ago, which laid down the challenge to the team producing the Internet Explorer Web browser to strive to overtake Netscape, the premiere and dominate web browsers.

I don't have a problem with a manager taking a subordinates initiative and using it as their own. I even understand when a manager takes credit as if it was their own original idea. But Bill Gates seems to only take the initiative to address a need for his company to do a better job of taking care of its customers because a former competitor who he happened to buy into his own organization took the initiative to address this problem. Gates has been famous for almost ignoring his competition while they were in their upstart stages, and either buy them out when their technology becomes a threat, or bully the sellers or consumers into using his Microsoft products or else. This does come out looking like a visionary leader, but a manager who lets the visionaries under his thumb generate ideas that he will give a yea or nay at a whim.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

An Even Bigger Welcome

This site is looking prettier as I fiddle away precious corporate time to tweak it, with the legitimate, yet wishy-washy excuse of I needed to learn some things to use on the KARN Newsradio Blog. Anyway, I assume I will have a solid working template within days, and while I will be disappointed that mainly of the things I wanted to showcase on the page will no longer be an option, I can bask in a little bit of glory knowing that the workload to maintain will not be as great.

Now I just have to become a consistent poster to all my blogs . . .

Welcome to the NEW Cool Corporate dot COM . . . Again . . .

Maybe the whole combo online magazine/blog idea won't work either. Maybe I should just cop out and blog it all.

I don't know where I would keep my actually articles to hype myself and my own business persuits, but I guess that is secondary.

Give me a few days to find a good template, and I guess this is the actually legacy of my Cool Corporate idea . . .