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Thursday, August 31, 2006

You've Got Mail & Ten Minutes To Clear Your Desk

Earlier this month, a lady in the UK takes a sick day from work because of a migraine, then turns on her cell phone the next day to find out she's been fired via a text message. This week, just as they had been warned, RadioShack Corporation (NYSE:RSH) emailed layoff notices to 400 of its workers at the Forth Worth Texas headquarters. While severance is being offered, former employees won't get any checks until their company-issued BlackBerrys, laptops and cell phones are returned.

Technology has been portrayed as a godsend for its ease of use in getting a message to anyone anytime, and as a curse straight from hell for the exact same reason. This may not be as cold blooded as, say, getting a divorce via text message, but it certainly can't be endearing when these employers go looking for new employees.

- UK Store Worker Fired By Text Message (San Jose Mercury News)
- You've Got Mail: You're Fired (Forbes)
- Malaysia Permits Text Message Divorce (BBC News)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Return Of Company Perks

At their last spring company meeting, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) released an expanded package of company perks, with the loudest applause coming with the announcement of the return of free towel service at company gyms. Eliminated two years ago in a $60 million cost-cutting campaign, the return of this simple convenience, along with services like dry cleaning and grocery delivery, and worth more than to-go meals from Wolfgang Puck, increases in restricted-stock awards and valet parking.

More proof that in today's workplace, great compensation is always nice, but you can easily boost workplace morale and productivity by just making 'working' a little more convenient.

- The return of perks at work (CNN Money)
- Is Parking A Pain? Not At Microsoft, Thanks To Valets (Seattle Times)

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