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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Conversations Blog: LinkedIn Bloggers Blast Of The Week

LinkedIn is a website/online tool for building and maintaining a network pool. A group of very successful networkers and staunch believers of LinkedIn started the LinkedIn Bloggers Yahoo Group to discuss how blogging and related technologies can support their professional networking and self-promotion in the spirit of LinkedIn.

In that spirit was born a weekly blog blast, where a randomly selected blog gets the gift/curse of mass promotion from the blogs of the group members. This week's blog is Conversations Blog, maintained by Philippe Borremans, which opens up with a motto: "Talk is cheap, free speech isn't..." An interesting observation, if you see it from the eyes of an American (me) viewing it in the writings from a person who is European.

More specific, Phillipe is from Belgian, and many of his posts are inspired by his interest in the state of blogging and its legal landscape in the European Union. Very fitting for a guy who works in Public Relations for the technology industry.

If you ready for some insightful views on PR, technology, or even Europeans, I invite you to check Phillipe's Conversations Blog.

- Conversations Blog

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Comments on "Conversations Blog: LinkedIn Bloggers Blast Of The Week"


Anonymous Philippe Borremans said ... (12:47 PM) : 

Hi JC and thanks for mentioning Conversationblog.

Interesting observation you make there; would an American see/understand "free speech" different than a European ?

If there is one thing I am interested in it is the differences and similarities between our 2 cultures.

I love the US, been there many times and it would be interesting to have a view from the other side of the Ocean about free speech...

Take care.


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