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Monday, March 27, 2006

More On Advertising: Brand Recognition

According to a new study by the trade group Television Bureau of Advertising, people planning to buy an SUV are 30 percent more likely to remember the brand featured in an SUV ad than are those with no such plans.

The results of the study examined the receptiveness of viewers to ads in the categories of cholesterol medication, pickup trucks, SUVs and fast-food hamburgers. The study was meant to determine whether people in the market for a product respond especially well to advertising for that product. The answer was...mostly yes.

Why mostly yes? An example given in the article from the New York Times uses some of the research around burgers. People who eat hamburgers at least four times a month are slightly less likely than everyone else to remember the brand behind an ad for a hamburger restaurant. For staples and very small ticket items, most of the time a consumer doesn't see much difference per brand. A burger is a burger, and you might as well go to the one closest to you at the moment then go out of your way.

- Going Out For A Burger At What's-Its-Name (New York Times)
- IAB Study: Ad Relevance Does Matter (Mediaweek)


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