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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Changes In The White House Could Shape Changes For Small Buiness & How 'Business' Is Done

A fair amount of reshuffling has occurred in the White House as Joshua Bolten has taken the reigns as the new Chief of Staff. A new head man is usually a good cover to move unwanted personnel out of positions of prominence and possibly out of the administration.

This is not what is being said by Hector Barreto, who is resigning from his position as the head of the Small Business Administration. Barreto will be taking a job as the head of the Latino Coalition, a small Hispanic advocacy group that has lent support to many of President George W. Bush's business and domestic initiatives. This is all a matter of good timing according to Barreto, who is proud of his time with the SBA and denies that criticisms of his agency or pressure by Bolten had anything to do with his resignation. The White House immediately announced plans to nominate Chicago business executive Steven C. Preston to take over the SBA. He is a senior vice president with ServiceMaster Company (NYSE:SVM).

But the big new of the day is Tony Snow. The as of this morning former Fox News Radio host and weekend anchor for Fox News Channel, two jewels of the News Corporation (NYSE:NWS) empire, is now the White House press secretary, taking over for Scott McClellan. Snow is taking a pay cut for the privilege of taking a beating from former colleagues, after getting a clean bill of health from his doctors for his cancer treatments. Rumors have it that when he agreed to take the position, he was promised special access to the President when shaping policy, and the right to revamp the role of his own office as he sees fit.

- Hector Barreto Resigns As SBA Chief (BusinessWeek)
- Bush Names Fox News Radio's Snow Press Secretary (Reuters)

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