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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Is There Bad New On The BlackBerry Horizon?

Fans of the BlackBerry handheld device, I have some good news and some bad news for you.

First the good news. For those who still can't get enough 'Crack'-Berry insight and information, I've found the blog for you. Russell Shaw's BB Hub Blog (http://www.bbhub.com/) offers plenty of daily information regarding the BlackBerry and similar technologies.

Now the bad news, or, how I came to stumble across this great blog. Russell Shaw is an enterprise computing journalist who writes for various periodicals and posts on CNET Networks, Incorporated's (NASDAQ:CNET) ZDNet Convergence blog. Scanning through some stories this afternoon, I found his post describing how the stock for BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion Limited (NASDAQ:RIMM) began to tumble just hours after the company wrapped up its annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando last Thursday. What should have been a mass cheerleading session for retailers and BlackBerry fanatics--just wasn't, and stock prices fell to a nearly three-month low. Shaw pointed out that in the worlds of tech-addicted users and the bloated money bags that hope to make a profit off then, the people that keep an eye on the stock price are often the soothsayer of doom for the company. It must also be noted that because of the heavy business use of the BlackBerry, many people who watch RIMM find themselves living in both worlds. Make sure you take a moment to read the entire post.

On Friday, RIM stock closed at its lowest level since dealing with patent infringement with NTP that threatened BlackBerry services shutdown for most of North America.

- Russell Shaw's BB Hub Blog
- Stock Plunges After Annual Meet: Trouble In BlackBerry-Land? (ZDNet)

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