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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Laura’s Winning Ideas: LinkedIn Blog Blast Of The Week

If there was ever a chance that fate decided to reminded me of something that I already know and ought to not ignore, it was the pick for this week's LinkedIn Bloggers selection for the Blog Blast. Laura Ricci blog, Laura’s Winning Ideas, is a work in progress, but has more than enough information to help someone who is writing a proposal get on or keep on the right track.

As a person who does not know how to function unless he is managing some sort of project, and having a 'former life' in the Air Force that consisted of writing and reviewing proposals, I could read through this blog and see plenty of examples of things I coulda/shoulda'd and things that I had to learn the hard way in dealing with the 'civilian' world that still boggle my mind today. Especially timely are the tips on 'How to Prevent Burnout' (as I have been recently 'convinced' that sticking to a 40-hour work week might actually be good for one's health and one's co-workers' collective sanity), the struggles of 'Professional Bloggers' to glean good information from a lot of not-so-good sources, and one of the biggest buzz kills of my career path, bosses that insist on 'Fiddling with Employees’ Work' (I haven't had many who did this, but the few who did were able to earn more than their fair share of resentment from me while I worked for them).

I couldn't just view this blog from the eyes of proposal writing. This is everyday, every department business sense--common sense really. As we are constantly reminded in the world of business, everyone is selling something and you know you don't have resources to buy some of everything. If you have some time, check out Laura’s Winning Ideas. If you don't have time, make some.

- Laura’s Winning Ideas

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