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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Vacation: Making Note Of The Work Week That Wasn't

I'm coming back to my computer after a week of vacation from the day job, in which I forced myself not to do anything productive unless sheer creativity took over. Not that having a legitimate excuse is that much better of a reason to not post for nine days, but in forcing myself not to work on anything, I was able to find clarity in many of my workaholic quandaries I've been mulling through in the past few weeks. I have come to terms with:

- knowing that I have way too many newsletters and blogs to attempt to write for and no reason to do so, other than 'well, I've been doing this for so long, why stop now...'
- the reality of time being a non-renewable resource. Time spend being productive is usually productive time. Time spend being wasted isn't necessarily wasted time. And despite how you spin it, there are very few higher level functions that you can truly do at the same time (although folding laundry while catching up on episodes of 'Days Of Our Lives' from NBC Universal, a division of General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has to come close, right?)
- the idea that if Cool Corporate dot COM and all this other stuff I do online is supposed to be run as a business, then it can't run second fiddle to my day job just because my day job actually provides income--actually that was established long ago. The kicker that I just realized is--MY ONLINE COMPANY WORK IS TO BE TREATED AS EQUAL TO MY DAY JOB, OR ONE OF THEM HAS TO GO...
- knowing no lives will be lost if I'm not their to do my job in the overly redundant and complicated way I do things. I might not like the mess left behind for me to clean up upon my arrival back...

Finally, one of my favorite bloggers Itzy Sabo has collected a few quotes on the effects of overload on the quality of work over at his blog Email Overloaded. They pretty much sum up the stresses I've been feeling with getting things done at work and at working on this blog, although most of them are self-induced because of my workaholic nature.

I've got a few post regarding some business observation from the work week that wasn't that require a little extra polish before they go live online. Hopefully, a few helpings of dated news will be better than no news at all.


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