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Thursday, July 13, 2006

LinkedIn Bloggers Blast Of The Week: eMoms at Home

I have be derelict in my duty as a member of the LinkedIn Bloggers Yahoo Group on participating in the weekly blog boost. Unfortunately, I have missed out on contributing on many of the great sites presented by various LinkedIn members. This week, I am not missing out on the chance to push eMoms at Home for Wendy Piersall in this poorly spell-checked blog post.

eMoms at Home is "a blog for starting, running, and succeeding in your home based business," and it has plenty of tips that any business owner can use. Since she recently went through a hosting and platform change for her blog, we both share a a few headache, and I quickly noted three posts on her bypassing a quick buck now to grow web traffic (brilliant!), ways to keep that traffic coming (also brilliant), and how to actually change your hosting platform for your blog (which I still am having problems with). I'm sure she will do just fine in building up traffic at her new blog home.

- eMoms at Home

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Comments on "LinkedIn Bloggers Blast Of The Week: eMoms at Home"


Anonymous Wendy Piersall said ... (2:59 PM) : 

Hey JC! What a flattering post! Thanks so much!

My little PR stunt is working well so far, actually. Yesterday it was downloaded nearly 200 times and I more than doubled my newsletter subscriber list.

And if you want to switch to WordPress, just drop me a line. The switch was 1000% worth the headache. :)

Keep up the great work!


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