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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On Not Getting The Blogging Job Done In 2007

(This is being cross-posted to Cool Corporate dot com & Life in Fast Forward)

A newsletter I receive for talk radio host and producers recently had a rant on the basics you really needed to be a good talk show host:

1) have a personality
2) have something to say

For bloggers, the same applies, except you have to add a third axiom: have time to post. Under that point, I am definitely failing in the 'big-time' blogging talent department.

Excuses aren't really necessary, since no one is really reading my blogs these days (based on my lack of posting of course). It no one's fault but my own that I planned on growing these blogs (and other blogs and personal projects) and have been constantly sidetracked by my twin nemeses, “Real Life” & “Paying Job.” But it really hurts me personally that ever plan to make my personal business ventures and a personal sense of accomplishment/peace can be so easily hijacked.

Trust me, I'm not missing the chance to blog because of lack of ideas. What I have is a true lack of time and energy coming from personal exhaustion. 2007 was supposed to be my break through year, and it has turned into a near breakdown.

That's near breakdown, mind you.

Two more months and then a whole new year. Big plans missed in 2007 will hopefully mean a chance for bigger plans to come to pass in 2008. That is what I'm shooting for, and hope you will still be around for the ride.

Thank you,



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